David Pratama Widjaja

widjaja (dot) david (at) ymail (dot) com

Hi, welcome to my website!

I’m David. I’m a Engineer-in-Training currently based in Vancouver, Canada. My passion and focus is in the intersection between renewable energy engineering and software engineering. I am also interested in environmental and energy policy, as well as ecology and systems thinking. I believe that insights into intractable problems can be obtained from the dialogue between frameworks, persons, and thous.

I am from Jakarta, Indonesia and graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BASc in Engineering Physics. My studies revolved around embedded systems, mechatronics, software design, mathematics, and physics. I was, until very recently, working as a Renewable Energy Analyst/Software Developer in Vancouver. Now I am working on several personal projects, and I am open to new opportunities.

On the side, I enjoy playing the violin, practising the piano, going down Wikipedia rabbitholes, reading and discussing literature, going to the gym, running, and hiking.

Here you will find my technical blogs, which will be a compilation of readings and side projects that I would like to share. My personal blogs will be a bunch of readings, essays, and book reviews. My study notes will be uploaded notes from the things I have studied.

Email me, lets have a chat sometime!

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